Posted: Sep 18 2018
by: Shanan Kurtz

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Friends For 10: Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we’re celebrating the tastemakers, collaborators and like-minded business women who have championed & cherished the Lizzie Fortunato brand for over a decade. Friends for 10 is a series of short interviews that introduces you to these very women. They are our supporters and muses. Just like you, they are the people who’ve shaped our brand and made Lizzie Fortunato, well … Lizzie Fortunato. #LF10 

Next Jessie Randall: the namesake and creative genius behind cult shoe and accessory label Loeffler Randall. There is always that “pinch me” moment when you go from admiring a more established designer from afar and then meeting and cementing a connection with them. This is exactly what happened with Jessie, who - like her brand - is the perfect blend of cool and approachable. Our relationship went from one of admiration to introduction to the occasional work breakfast and, finally, to breaking bread with our husbands over home-cooked meals in our Brooklyn apartments. It’s fellow female designers like Jessie that make being a part of the NYC design scene so worth it; thank you for your support Jessie, you are a role model!

Q & A:



1. What is your first (or favorite!) memory of Lizzie / Kathryn / the brand?

JR: Many lovely meals together, being open and honest talking about business, getting each other’s advice and support. I find their energy to be infectious and I always leave a meal with them excited about business and the lovely network of kind, smart and talented women in this business (and Lizzie and Kathryn are two of my favs!).

2. Are you a Lizzie (creative) or a Kathryn (business)?

JR: I’m a Lizzie with a healthy dose of business sense thrown in. In my next life, I’d love to just work on the creative side, but owning my own business I’m forced to wear both hats. Although I would argue that Lizzie is a genius businesswoman and Kathryn is super creative and strategic.

3. What is your favorite Lizzie Fortunato piece from the Fall’18 collection?

JR: I love the Fortune necklace and the foray into more delicate, charm type pieces. In lucky pink it’s just so gorgeous!

4. What is your oldest accessory in your closet?

JR: I have a snake ring from my grandmother that is really unique and cool looking. I need to bring it out and wear it on a chain around my neck.



5. What is your favorite accessory (this could be a belt / a watch / a pet / whatever!); Why?:

JR: My daughter Clementine, although she is so much more than an “accessory” (obviously), is my mini-me. I love when she will deign to let us dress alike. She has the most amazing style and I love when we hang out together, laugh, and shop.

6. What is the most random thing in your purse right now?:

JR: Letters to my kids at camp, celery because I am trying that Whole 30 meal plan, and a very old pair of Levi’s that Kat Typaldos found us, which we use on every photo shoot.

7. I'm a ____ and I'm passionate about ____:

JR: I am a designer and I am passionate about my children and making beautiful things.

8. Small but impactful advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?:

JR: Get a business partner with a different skill set than you have.


Worlds Collide: Lizzie and Kathryn for Loeffler Randall



9. What gets you out of bed in the AM?:

JR: My little son Harry coming in to snuggle me in the morning.

10. Secret to your success?:

JR: Sleeping more than the average person.

11. In my next life I want to be a ____:

JR: In my next life I want to be a mom who is an artist and also writes books.

12. Any secret talents?:

JR: If I put my name into a raffle, I often win.



13. What are you doing tomorrow?:

JR: Working!

14. Beach or Mountains?:

 JR: Beach 1000%

15. Up Early or Up Late?:

JR: Neither


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