Posted: Apr 30 2019
by: Shanan Kurtz

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Mom’s The Word: Aljawhara Al Mahdi & Her Mama

Celebrating women, it’s what we’re good at (who remembers Friends For 10?) and with Mother’s Day JUST around the corner, we couldn’t help but take this opportunity to honor the women responsible for *first* accessorizing and shaping the ladies who champion our line. Mom’s The Word is a series of short interviews that take a closer look at our favorite relationship, that between mother and daughter (or any empowering female bond for that matter).

Your Name, Your Mom’s Name:

AAM: Aljawhara Al Mahdi, Wafa Al Ateeqi

Best advice your mom has ever given you?:

AAM: Whatever you do, do your best.

In what ways are you like your mother?:

AAM: We have very, very similar styles, and we both have a very strong work ethic.

First fashion memory of your mother?:

AAM: I remember her getting dressed up for a black tie wedding in this gorgeous red sparkly dress. She’s the most elegant person I know, she has such great personal style and always has the best eye for things.

Item in your mom’s closet you most want to steal?:

AAM: She has this white mink fur coat from 1981, and I’m obsessed with it!

What has your mom taught you about fashion?:

AAM: Less is sometimes more because I’m a fashion maximalist and sometimes I need to rein it in!


Best beauty tip from your mom?:

AAM: Always take care of your skin and take off your make-up before going to bed!

Favorite dish your mom cooks?:

AAM: She doesn’t really cook? But she used to make this spicy red pasta growing up that we loved!

Is shopping with your mom “loads of fun” or “a little stressful”?:

AAM: So fun!

The item you wished your mom had kept for you:

AAM: This Dior evening gown, half black, half white & so timeless.

What are you gifting your mother this mother’s day?:

AAM: We had a surprise party for all the moms in our family with surprise gifts, it was lots of fun!

Arm Parties Then, Arm Parties Now:



Your Name, Your Daughter’s Name(s):

WAA: Wafa Al Ateeqi, Daughter is Aljawhara Mahdi

Favorite activity to do with your daughter?:

WAA: Movie nights!

How do your children inspire your work?:

WAA: They're all very tenacious, determined, and creative.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given on Mother’s Day?:

WAA: A surprise getaway weekend trip with my sisters to Beirut. A gift from all my nieces and daughters to their mothers & aunts.

In what ways are your daughters like you?:

WAA: We share a very similar personal aesthetic, very similar styles, and we all love to shop!



Trend you’d most like to see come back? / Go away?:

WAA: I hope low rise pants/jeans never make a comeback! Not a fan of biker shorts either.

Item in your closet you hope your daughter will someday want to wear?:

WAA: Every single old Celine piece by Phoebe Philo!

How has having children changed your style?:

WAA: It really didn't. My style has evolved over the years but children never played a factor in my personal style.

Which are you more likely to wear? Statement Earrings or Statement Necklace?:

WAA: Statement necklace.

Your favorite outfit that your daughter wears or wore as kid?:

WAA: A little skirt suit that was a pale yellow with pearl button details. So cute!

Is shopping with your daughter(s) “loads of fun” or “a little stressful”?:

WAA: Lots of fun! 

Do you exchange gifts on Mother’s Day? Do you expect gifts on Mother’s Day?:

WAA: Of course!

Favorite Mother’s Day Gift to receive: A) Flowers, B) Jewelry, C) Breakfast in Bed, D) A Day out with the Family:

WAA: A day out with the family.

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