Posted: Oct 08 2017
by: Shanan Kurtz

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Scribner's Catskill Lodge


Over July 4, I checked into Scribner's Catskill Lodge with my mom & sis for some R&R and 1-month out wedding planning. Set at the base of Hunter Mountain, we drank cider, enjoyed some serious sunsets and poured over seating charts in the hotel's expertly designed living spaces - complete with mid-century leather sling chairs, a fire that was always burning, and book shelves that could have kept me there for days.



Vintage rugs, woven wall hangings and high-design light fixtures make for enviable, inspirational design that's right up my alley...



The outdoor decks make the perfect gathering spaces and I love that there was a fire always going - even in July. We planned my wedding over bottles of wine and in front of majestic sunsets



The perfect atmosphere at Scribner's (I loved the complimentary yoga classes) was matched by great food at the hotel's restaurant, Prospect. Local cuisine with a view of the mountain? Check.



While upstate we made a pitstop at Ron Sharkey's Antique Barn in High Falls and at one of my favorites, Kabinett and Kammer in Andes. At Ron's I picked up a vintage picnic basket, which we used to hold all the cutlery at the Friday night welcome dinner for our wedding:



While in Andes we stopped in at Wayside Cider for delicious drinks and bites... The setting is pretty perfect too, complete with a beautiful dark green bar lit with antique lights. From there it's a 15 minute drive to Bushland Eating House, which might just be my favorite food in the Catskills (and that's saying something!)



My carrots at Brushland tasted like they'd been picked 5 minutes before, the service was perfect, and the scene lively... I can't wait to return.



Scribner's, Thank you for the best mid-summer respite. We can't wait to return!



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